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Mexican Day of the Dead Festival 2013 Melbourne by 1800 Tequila

November 2, 2013



* MELBOURNE Festival

Mexican Day of the Dead Festival 2013 party that will officially put Mexico’s traditions, not just their fabulous food, firmly on our Melbourne map. 

  • Saturday 2nd November 2013
  • Time. 3pm-1am
  • Tickets $35

 Day of the Dead 2013Day of the Dead 2013

Melbourne people admit to being just a tad obsessed with the culinary delights that Mexico has to offer… so now perhaps it’s the perfect time that we broadened our horizons by exploring what else it is about Mexico that’s worth knowing about.      Just to make sure we’re not missing out!

Ok, let’s just do a tally before we get started…do we like a holiday as Melbournians?  Check.  Do we all have people that have passed on to the other side that we miss dearly in our hearts?  Check.  And do we all love a great excuse for a party?  One that involves  dancing, colour and atmosphere, plus a bit of dressing up?  Check.  Ok, so combine all that with the flavours of Mexico,  from the food to the tequila…and you now have one of the most celebrated and ancient traditions in Mexican culture and all over the Hispanic world. 

You now have, the “1800 TEQUILA DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL “
Don’t let the word ‘dead’ scare you off either as there’s absolutely nothing morbid about this festival.   Quite the opposite in fact, with the Mexicans celebrating this special holiday season by remembering all the people that came before them, the ones they loved with, the ones they laughed with and no doubt being Mexicans, the ones they danced with amongst many shots of tequila.  
So why not honour those that have passed by, the most important people in life’s journey by throwing a massive party full of all of the things they know they’d like? 

Day of the Dead party will transform one of the most iconic buildings on 405 Flinders Lane. The  Victorian cream walls of the building will become a  projection of colourful death masks and Mexican art, Aztec dancers celebrating our ancestors, which will be the perfect backdrop to the pulsing beats of Mexican tunes, by underground Mexican and Melbourne Dj’s as well as the traditional instruments and sounds of our very own Mexican mariachi band.

Mexican Day of the Dead launch party 2012 photos on MiSociety

Saturday 2nd Nov 2013
Time. 3pm-1am
Address. 405 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Tickets. $35 

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Photographer: Peter Coulson
Model: Alice Kelson

Mexican Day of the Dead Festival 2013 Melbourne


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