2011 Australian Dance Festival

August 16th, 2011


  • 16-18 September 2011

Dancers, here is your chance to improve your skills and participate in a world record attempt.  Have you always dreamt of being Britney’s back up dancer, soft shoe shuffling like Fred Astaire or free styling like Usher?  Well here’s an event that will have you tapping your feet in no time.  Homebush Olympic park will transform into one big dancehall for the 2011 Australian Dance Festival. A dance extravaganza that celebrates the best of the best of dance in one weekend of performances, competitions and dance workshops. 
Professional and non professional’s dancers can get involved in classes including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Break Dancing, Jazz Funk, Broadway, Lyrical Jazz, Tap, Free-Style, Musical Theatre,Bollywood, Wacking/Voguing, Latin, Musical Theatre, Krumping and Acrobatic Dance the whole gamut of dance styles all under one roof!  This is an event unlike any other dance event in Australia and brings together best of the best dance teachers and choreographers this country has to offer.
Australian dancers are some of the most talented in the world if you don’t believe me check out this clip from last year’s event! We really can fly!   http://youtu.be/2UFfkw9Xyms

Guinness Book of World Record attempt for The World’s Largest Remote Dance Class which involves a group of people coming together to perform a routine they have been taught ‘remotely’ (via the internet).   The song of choice this year will be Lady Gaga’s hit track ‘Born This Way’ in support of the Festival’s signature charity ‘The Butterfly Foundation’*.  All donations from the attempt will go to the charity. A community based charitable organisation that supports eating disorder sufferers and their careers.
Go online and join in on the attempt by learning this routine by Patron of the Festival Jason Coleman:  http://youtu.be/i9nMruMOq28

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