2011 Japanese Film Festival in Sydney

October 11th, 2011


  • 17 – 27 November 2011

2011 is the 15th year of the Japanese Film Festival and the Japan Foundation is pleased to announce their special guests for this year – Hirotaka Matsune (Cinematographer, Yamakoshi: the Recovery of a Tiny Japanese Village), Tsuyoshi Inoue (Director, The Town’s Children), Mitsuhiro Kyota (Producer, The Town’s Children)

Films for the sydney program include:

A Boy and His Samurai
A Honeymoon in Hell
Abacus and Sword
Buddha: the Great Departure
GANTZ: Perfect Answer
Hankyu Railways: A 15-minute Miracle
In His Chart
Milocrorze: A Love Story
Ninja Kids!!!
Oba, the Last Samurai
Patisserie: Coin de Rue
Peak: The Rescuers
Princess Toyotomi
Shinsan: A Serenade in a Coalmine Town
Space Battleship Yamato
Star Watching Dog
The Fallen Angel
The Lady Shogun and Her Men
The Last Ronin
A Ghost of a Chance
Life Back Then
Suite Dreams
The Magic Hour
The Town’s Children
Yamakoshi: The Recovery of a Tiny Japanese Village

Screenings are at Event Cinema
George Street 505 – 525 George St, Sydney

For more information, go to Japanese Film Festival

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