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MiSociety News 8 November 2011


2011 has just vanished – Christmas trees in the shops already! It’s been another huge year for MiSociety with many developments happening behind the website.  The MiSociety team is continuing to expand into other areas of culture and leisure and corporate events.

Sydney and Melbourne are literally exploding with events covering all genres of interest.   There are festivals, art/photography exhibitions, music (all sorts), fashion, food and wine, kids things, theatre (large and small) even poetry and doggie do’s – the list just goes on. 
MiSociety’s daily calendar of things to do is way too extensive to cover in a newsletter but we know from our statistics and our ‘add to favourites’ rate that you don’t need to be reminded that we have the most extensive coverage going. Remember to join our RSS feed for up to the minute updates.
As an example MiSociety has 13 Sydney art exhibition openings listed for this week with another 11 openings in Melbourne. – and that’s just one category amongst the dozens accessible on the site.  Independent Theatres – oh sooo many good shows.
Some extra ‘specials’; Picasso Art Gallery of NSW (MiSociety will be at the opening night so watch for the pics), for Cricket tragics Northcott’s Cricket Lunch, The Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island and a real ‘in the know one’ Brian’s Party – just to name a few.
Then of course there’s all the VIP red carpet parties and events that MiSociety attends to give you the photos plus an insight into the ‘who, what, where and what’ written with you the reader in mind.
There are times we have giveaways at short notice so here’s where you need to join us on Facebook and Twitter.
GIVEAWAYS for this Newsletter
A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Centennial Park Sydney – MiSociety got together a few of the team and went along to the opening night last Sunday and can tell you – get ready for a good fun time with a very talented cast. Click to enter for free tickets.
Fast & Fresh Dance – Sensational youth dance version of the international short-form performing arts festival Short+Sweet takes a big leap forward as it enters its 4th year. How to WIN Tickets



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