Addams Family Sydney Australian Premiere, After Party and Review

March 27th, 2013


Addams Family Sydney Opening Night, After Party, Review, Images, Photos: MiSociety

Sydney 23 March 2013

Addams Family Australian Premier – What is Normal Anyway?
Addams Family Musical much anticipated Australian Premier in Sydney of the Broadway show, packed out the Capitol Theatre with the audience of ‘first nighters’ geed up by the intro of the so well known catchy, finger snapping ‘Addams Family’ tune from the 60s television show.

Chloe Dallimore slinked on stage looking every bit of the oh-so-cool Morticia Addams with ever adoring hubby Gomez (John Waters) lapping at her fingertips portraying the weird couple we all know so well. 

Wednesday Addams (Teagan Wouters) has a bombshell to announce – she has fallen in love with a ‘normal’ guy, Lucas Beineke (Tim Maddren) and he and his ‘also normal’ parents are coming to dinner.  Lurch (Ben Hudson) lurks, Granny grumbles and Uncle Fester has fallen in love with the moon while the hapless dinner guests try to make any sense of any of them – there lies the plot.  After all what is ‘normal’ anyway?

Uncle Fester, excellently portrayed by Russell Dykstra, takes a flight to the moon creating the showstopper scene with several other good moments including “Death is Just Around the Corner”.

The Addams Family  is boosted by the excellent cast including the ensemble of undead ghosts with their costuming and choreography.

Addams Family opening in Sydney was the Australian premier of this production and as such felt as though it would continue to improve.  There are many clever and witty lines in the show that could be upped to the max even further to achieve the wacky atmosphere that is the Addams Family.  Its froth and bubble and fun and we felt that in time it could be even more so.

Addams Family Australian Premiere After Party at Sydney Town Hall.
Sydney’s Town Hall has to be the premier venue for a theatre after party in town and again looked fabulous – this time under coloured hues and projections onto a gossamer centre piece. 

The Addams Family cast joined in the revelry while mingling and chatting with the large number of invited guests.  Tim Maddren, the gorgeous and talented guy playing Lucas Beineke in The Addams Family, with fiancé Stephanie Tulloch, told MiSociety they will somehow manage to escape the Addams House to fit in their long planned wedding next week.  The gifted youngsters who take turns playing Pugsley were having the night of their young lives while Russell Dykstra hammed it up with Glenn Wheeler for a live cross to 2GB.

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