February 29th, 2008

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Advertising Opportunities
Advertising dollars in traditional media platforms have significantly declined over the past six years.  Many traditional media outlets are seeing falling circulation whereas online and social media news sources are growing exponentially and are increasingly being utilised by advertisers and the public alike.

MiSociety™ is a unique website offering many and varied categories and styles of promotion and advertising.  We are able to promote your event, exhibition, venue or  function, construct advertorials, or simply place banner advertisements.  We are also able to attend and photograph your event and publish same along with an informative and commercially relevant editorial.  More

MiSociety™ is not generic and does not believe you are either, therefore we handle each promotion and event individually and do not have a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach.  Give us a call you would be surprised at what we do behind the scenes.

Promotion of Your Event/Function/Exhibition/Party
MiSociety regularly gains Google page one listings for events published and VIP and Red Carpet party reviews and photos.   MiSociety™ can embed the footprint of your function on the Internet.   MiSociety has many happy clients who are benefitting from our third hand reporting.

Our readers are smart, savvy, discerning and social with the resources to support the good things in life.  Our readers find us, love us and continue to use us (we have an 70% add to favourites rate) – and MiSociety can do the same for your event, service or product!

If you would like confirmation of our very healthy and ever growing internet traffic statistics, rankings and to take advantage of MiSociety’s targeted demographic please email our great team or phone use at 0412057662 for our competative rates.

MiSociety can tailor a package to suit your individual needs, be it for a simple listing, a high profile promotion, event management, PR or our VIP party photographic and reporting services.

MiSociety SEO Results
MiSociety is achieving extraordinary SEO results using only organic/generic words for the specific events/products featured.  Events listed and reported on regularly rank page one Google for both WWW & AU.

MiSociety Website Traffic Statistics
Extremely healthy-  we can assure  you – contact us for details.

Who reads MiSociety

Readers are in the middle to upper socioeconomic group and typically aged middle 20’s upwards.  These readers have a profile of interests that embrace food, wine, fashion, music (including classical), art, literature, travel and interacting socially.

A little more information on MiSociety

  • MiSociety is State Government approved for listing in their cultural event site
  • Accredited journalists
  • MiSociety has many happy clients who are benefitting from our third hand reporting.
  • The MiSociety website was cited by Sydney Council as an excellent model for providing comprehensive coverage of the cultural and entertainment life of the city.
  • MiSociety consistently receive congratulatory emails from cultural, art, theatre, commercial groups and PR companies thanking us for our high profile and quality coverage of their events.
  • Referenced in The Australian Newspaper
  • Listed with AAP
  • Referenced in
  • Listed in AOL UK

Who is behind MiSociety
The publishers of MiSociety, along with our fabulous team, are socially entwined, connected with the community and have many years of experience in the field.

Contact Details
Robyn Lucas (A.J.A .mbr)
Joint Managing and Editorial Director
David Potter (A.R.I.C.S.)
Joint Managing and Marketing Director
Amanda Balemans
Deputy Editor
Renee Stah
Melbourne Correspondent
Guest Contributors, Photographers and Support Staff
Mob: 0412 057 662

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