Anthony Syndicas Art Exhibition at Archsign Style Gallery (ASG) Melbourne

March 22nd, 2012


* MELBOURNE – upcoming special event

Anthony Syndicas – ‘Time’.  Anthony Syndicas is an internationally acclaimed artist having created an exotic world of sensual delight and enchanted daydreams through his art.  

  • Opening night 27 April 2012 at 6.00 – 8.00pm – All Welcome
  • Exhibition continues till 22 June 2012

Anthony Syndicas’ – ‘Time’ at ASG Melbourne
Anthony Syndicas’ paintings are a synthesis of form and colour – if line captures the spirit of the Art then colour, surely captures the soul.

Anthony Syndicas suffered a stroke three years ago losing his power of speech.  Despite this  Anthony has continued to communicate visually through his creations as his work contains a visual and spiritual energy that leaves the canvas dancing.   The Archsign Style Gallery (ASG) in Abbotsford (Melbourne) is proud to host an exhibition for Anthony Syndicas entitled ‘Time’.  Anthony has not only resurrected himself since his tragic stroke but he has also continued to pursue his quest, discovering the sound and vibration of colour.  This is an exhibition which speaks as much about hope as it does about Anthony’s discoveries. 

Archsign Style Gallery (ASG) – Anthony Syndicas ‘Time’
Opening night 27 April 2012 at 6-8pm
Exhibition runs till 22 June 2012
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Archsign Style Gallery (ASG) Lvl 1, 32 Mollison Street, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067
PH: 03 9230 1400 or 0417 370 170.

Archsign Style Gallery (ASG) vision
Archsign have extended their services beyond designs for buildings and now offers skills in the area of interior design, décor and art.  Archsign Style Gallery (ASG) has the vision and path to bring art and art inspired concepts for design back into the community. This initiative is intended to inspire and ignite creative thought and resurrect an appreciation of the visual arts which have led movements and set trends in all  design fields throughout history.

 ASG’s vision is to not only to connect the community with the power and pleasures of art, but it also hopes to introduce the public to emerging local talented artists in particular those with a mental illness or physical disability.  The emphasis in on the disadvantaged artists as they are a group who often struggle with getting the exposure they deserve in the art world, despite their strengths.   ASG endeavour to create a platform from where their talents can be harnessed and their confidence restored through sales of their work so that they too can participate in the community feeling empowered and driven to communicate visually in a way which sets them free and offers them therapeutic benefits.
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