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September 15th, 2015



SYDNEY Opera House 8 September 2015
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Anything Goes is fast, farcical and fun as Caroline O’Connor wows ’em on stage.
Joan Sutherland was likely in an audience for one of the early productions of Anything Goes since its inception in 1934, little realising that it would be staged in the theatre bearing her name at the Sydney Opera House in 2015.

Anything Goes does labour under the restraints of its age but due to the excellent cast led by dynamo Caroline O’Connor (Reno Sweeney) the farcical storyline somehow becomes insignificant.

Set upon a cruise ship, the S.S. American, an eclectic collection of characters find themselves thrown together to sing and dance to the eternal magic of Cole Porter’s score.

Anything Goes belongs to Caroline O’Connor as she dominates the stage with her energy, Ethel Merman – esque voice and the shear talent that has made her a world wide star. Todd McKenny as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh is barely recognisable as he appears to relish in the persona of an archetypal English twit.

Claire Lyon as the beautiful debutante Hope Harcourt carries off her role as demure and sweet perfectly as she ultimately succumbs to the charms of the effervescent young stockbroker, Billy Crocker (Alex Rathgeber).  At the opposite end of the scale Debora Krizak as Erma is wonderfully loud, brassy and comical with her excellent performance as the streetwise girlfriend of conman Moonface Martin (Wayne Scott Kermond).

Dale Ferguson’s costuming could inspire any of today’s fashionistas with fabrics that swirled and dazzled with the grace of yesteryear while the choreography by Andrew Hallsworth is tight and spot on with every step.

Anything Goes is colourful, energetic, enjoyable and romping good fun … and you can be sure you will leave the theatre singing.

Anything Goes – Joan Sutherland Theatre – Sydney Opera House
5 September – 31 October 2015

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