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Armageddon Expo 2011 .. Freakin’ Awesome

February 26, 2011toFebruary 27, 2011


Armageddon is coming.  Gaming, comics, wrestling, anime, sci-fi., TV and movie stars – check the what’s on list 
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  • 26 and 27 February 2011 Sydney Showground
  •  5-6 March 2011 Adelaide Showground

Armageddon Expo – the world’s best entertainment event of its kind  at Sydney Showground, The Dome, Olympic Park and into Adelaide Showground.  Gamers, geeks, sci-fi nuts, comic fans and nerds of Sydney rejoice.

Armageddon Expo 2011 has to be seen to be believed and is a must for anyone interested in imagination just beyond our reach.  Gaming, comics, wrestling, TV and movie stars, anime and sci-fi lovers and celebrities alike converge on the one venue to celebrate all that is freakishly fabulous about the cult of weird and wonderful entertainment. 

Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark), Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, V), David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) amongst others will all make guest appearances.

Stars of animation will include Ashley Johnson and Paul Eiding from Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien) alongside stars of comics (Dan Slott, writer of the Amazing Spiderman and Ethan Van Sciver, artist Flash Rebirth and Green Lantern Rebirth), gaming (Robert Rankin, author of Brentford Books and Michael McConnohie, Lich King in World of Warcraft) and reality TV (Ami Cusack, Survivor).

Armageddon Expo 2011 events include:

  • Armageddon Film Festival
  • Dragonball Z Kamehameha contest (not sure what this is? Take a look: Kamehameha demo )
  • PWA Wrestling
  • Comic and anime stores
  • Collectibles
  • Gaming displays
  • K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) – yes, come and see The Hoff’s original mode of talking transport before he switched to surfboards on Baywatch
  • Concerts – including jazz crooner and Anime star Mela Lee
  • Amusement rides – including Hurricane, Rockn Tug, Super Slide and Dodgems
  • Armageddon ice cream eating contest
  • Armageddon Fear Factor eating challenge
  • The ADR Experience – a professional level seminar and workshop in voice acting

Another highlight of the weekend will be a Cosplay meet ‘n greet and competition, where Sydney’s underground subcultures converge in an eclectic melange of costumed manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic , graphic novels, video and fantasy characters.

Armageddon Expo is an event like no other – and definitely not to be missed. All details at www.armageddonexpo.com, tickets available at the door and from Ticketek.