Aussies urged to reclaim our healthy national identity

January 28th, 2011

28 Jan 2011 – Aussies urged to reclaim healthy national identity: new weight-loss tool   

The Biggest Loser Club is launching the nation’s first online weight loss meetings to help Aussies reclaim our national image of healthy active people.  Australian first  – online meetings launched – support is key to success

“Our national identity is changing”, said Nutrition Advisor to The Biggest Loser Club (, Susie Burrell. “Every year more Australians are gaining weight and we need to focus all attention on making changes to our lifestyle to reverse this trend.”

Comparisons between the 1995 and 2007-08 National Health Surveys by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed an increase in the proportion of adults who were overweight or obese. In 1995, 38% of adults were overweight and 19% obese. The 2007-08 results found that 37% of adults were overweight and 25% obese. Two years on this trend continues.

“One of the most common New Years resolutions for Australians is to improve diet and lifestyle, however 80% of would-be dieters fall off the wagon within a couple of weeks of starting a diet, “said Burrell. “This is due to insufficient psychological support and preparation. To avoid this, people need to start with realistic expectations and understand the challenges they will face and know where they can get support.”

To help dieters stay on track, The Biggest Loser Club has launched Online Meetings with Live Chat. An industry first, Online Meetings with Live Chat will be streamed from enabling members to learn more about health and wellbeing from a team of experts sharing tips to help members achieve their weight management and lifestyle goals.

The meetings and chat sessions will be held four times a week at a range of times to suit those with busy lifestyles. Susie Burrell, covering topics across psychology of weight loss, exercise, nutrition and motivation, will host each episode. During each broadcast, members will be able to ask questions of The Biggest Loser Club expert panel and share weight loss experiences. A panel of experts from The Biggest Loser Club will facilitate these interactive discussions.

“Having emotional and psychological support is often underestimated but critical to achieving weight loss goals,” said Burrell. “Online Meetings with Live Chat is another way that The Biggest Loser Club is empowering members with the knowledge they need to manage their weight while creating a supportive environment.”

The Biggest Loser Club members are able to log on and join the Online Meetings with Live Chat from the privacy of their own home or convenience of work at lunchtime to take part and get the support they need to keep going.

“We understand everyday life is full of distractions and this is why in addition to adopting a steely mindset, dieters need to identify the right support mechanisms that will help them stay strong and cement their new habits,” said Burrell. “It takes just three days to become aware of a new habit and up to three months to break an old one.”

The Biggest Loser Club’s tips for keeping your diet resolve and maintaining a steely mindset:
1.    Clearly define your goals into achievable steps and track your process.
2.    Identify your distracters – the people, events and external influences that may lead you astray and take you off track from achieving your goals.
3.    Develop strategies to overcome your distracters – avoiding and ignoring negative influences is much easier once you’re aware of the people and/or situations that can lead you astray.
4.    Identify sources of support and encouragement and utilise positive reinforcement such as Online Meetings with Live Chat.
5.    Keep focused, be patient and don’t give up until your new habits are just part of your new lifestyle

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