Bald Archy Prize 2013 winner Warren Lane for ‘Gina and Ginia’

April 5th, 2013


The Banquet of Gina and Ginia, by Warren Lane wins 2013 Bald Archy Prize

  • Winner and Finalists on view till 5 May 2013
  • Independent Theatre North Sydney

Warren Lane from Melbourne has won the $7500 Bald Archy first prize for his portrayal of ‘The Banquet of Gina and Ginia’, a painting of the mining billionaire gorging on chocolate cake as her ‘good’ daughter oversees.

Bald Archy 2013 winner The Banquet of Gina and Ginia by Warren Lane

Rinehart featured heavily in the 2013 entries starring in no less than eight of the Caricatures.  Naturally the nation’s most famous redhead featured.  Paul Easther’s Bald Archy entry sees a scantily attired Julia puffing on a ciggie while waiting at the gates.  Some of the other subjects on the receiving ends of judgmental brushes in the galah judged contest included Peter FitzSimons, Cardinal George Pell, Tom Waterhouse, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Geoffrey Rush and John Singleton.

Peter Batey, the Gundagai-based founder and director of the Bald Archy Prize, which takes a giggle at the Art Gallery of NSW’s Archibald portrait prize, has always insisted that a parrot named ‘Maude’ is the true judge of the competition.  Maude simply nods her head when she takes a liking to a painting.

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