Barangaroo Welcome Celebration – September 2015 Program Launch

September 2nd, 2015


Sydney 2 September 2015

Barangaroo Welcome Celebration – September 2015 Program Launch photos, images, story:  MiSociety

Barangaroo Reserve Welcome Celebrations – a three month long party for Sydney
Barangaroo was a powerful Cammeraygal woman at the time of Australia’s early Colonial settlement with one of her husband’s being Bennelong, after whom the site of the Sydney Opera House is named.  Accordingly, it is fitting that they are now both immortalised together on Sydney Harbour – the world’s most fantastic (and largest) natural harbour in the world.

Barangaroo is impressive, being one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world today, embodying world-class design excellence and sustainability. Covering 22 hectares the $6 billion project is divided into three project areas: Barangaroo Reserve, Central Barangaroo and Barangaroo South. Barangaroo namings

Welcome Celebrations for Barangaroo Reserve kick of on Sunday 6 September 2015 with a massive (free) picnic where the public may purchase quality refreshments from a range of celebrity chefs or BYO. The Welcome Celebrations will continue for three months until the end of November 2015. What’s on at Barangaroo

MiSociety took the opportunity, post the Barangaroo program launch, to stroll around this amazing space. The views are fantastic (of course) the layout, landscaping (almost 75,000 native trees, plants and shrubs) and of course all that beautiful Hawkesbury sandstone has created an extraordinary new foreshore park for Sydney.

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