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Bite Size – Six short plays by four playwrights

September 9, 2011toSeptember 18, 2011


Bite Size is 60 minutes of six short plays written by four playwrights which is running as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

  • 9 – 18 September 2011 (list of specific dates below)
  • Friday           9 September           7 p.m.
  • Saturday       10 September         7 p.m.
  • Sunday         11 September         4 p.m.
  • Wednesday   14 September        6 p.m.
  • Saturday       17 September         4 p.m.
  • Sunday         18 September         2 p.m

Bite Size is playing at the Newtown Theatre, on the corner of King and Bray Streets.

The Pen                 by IPAN Writer’s Group
Join our characters in The Birdcage foyer of the Newtown Theatre where they wrestle with quite unusual addictions in a part confessional, part high tea. 

The Muse               by Samantha Hardy                
Is the classical muse still relevant in today’s fast-paced, materialistic world and does anyone remember how to call for one? If you managed to invoke the muse, what would it be like to receive an answer? Edward, struggling artist and muse-caller, is about to find out. Follow him into this dream-like world and make some discoveries of your own. 

The Applicant        by Sama Ky Balson
Theo is a writer, an artist, sometimes musician, with a love of quality stationary that he cannot sustain.  Weary from using tea bags twice and having his cornflakes with water instead of milk, he decides it’s time to join the corporate world and make some cash. During an auspicious encounter, Theo meets Mephy, a sassy corporate assistant, who informs him that her boss is hiring. Joined by Mr D and Gabe, two somewhat unusual job applicants, Theo faces his first business interview plagued with self doubt, moral debate and rather noisy alter egos. What is he really signing up for?

 Once Bitten           by Emme Hoy      
Once Bitten explores the line between love and dependence and the vital importance of friendship and family. Kunzo is on death row after committing a brutal crime and best friend, Brett, will do anything to set him free. Does Kunzo deserve another chance or is Brett blinded to the truth?. Will Paula, a jaded officer, be able to break away from her binary view of the world or will her strict morals sentence Kunzo to death? How far will Brett go to save Kunzo’s life? 

The Equation         by Ruth Melville  
Based on the true story of Emmy Noether, Professor of Mathematics, sacked from the University of Gottingen, Germany in 1933, following the introduction of the ‘Law Against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities.’ Emmy continues to hold classes in her apartment with one of her most promising students, Ernst Witt, attending. Ernst’s enthusiasm is divided equally between mathematics and his Storm Trooper unit. 

Fish Tank              by Ruth Melville
Not all is well in the fish tank. Maia’s dreams of a better life in an outdoor pond have brought her unstuck while Vulcan, worried and impatient, turns his attention to the mermaid. A play with love, jealousy and a scattering of bonito flakes.

More info at:?http://thesydneyfringe.com.au/shows/bite-size


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