Chauvel Cinema – Session Times 17 – 23 Feb 2010

February 15th, 2011


Chauvel Cinema, Paddington

  • 17 – 23 February 2011

From acclaimed filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami and starring Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche CERTIFIED COPY (M) 
Thu & Mon/Tue 12.30pm, 5.10pm, 7.15pm, 9.20pm
Fri  12.30pm, 6.20pm, 9.00pm
Sat  10.00, 5.00pm, 7.10pm, 9.20pm
Sun  10.00, 1.10pm, 4.40pm, 9.15pm
Wed  11.00, 1.30pm, 6.30pm, 9.00pm

From celebrated director Mike Leigh comes Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville in ANOTHER YEAR (M)
Thu 10.00, 2.40pm, 6.30pm, 9.00pm
Fri & Tue 10.00, 2.40pm, 6.30pm
Sat/Sun 10.30, 3.30pm, 6.30pm
Mon 10.00, 2.40pm, 9.00pm
Wed 10.30, 1.00pm, 9.10pm

Golden Globe Best Actress Natalie Portman Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel and Winona Ryder in BLACK SWAN (MA15+)
Thu/Fri & Mon/Tue  10.30am final
Sat/Sun & Wed  No sessions  

The gritty true story of an unlikely boxing hero staring Mark Wahlberg and Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale THE FIGHTER (MA15+)
Thu/Fri & Mon/Tue 1.00pm final
Sat  1.10pm
Sun & Wed No sessions 

Ryan Gosling & Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams in BLUE VALENTINE (MA15+)
Thu /Fri & Mon-Wed 3.30pm
Sat/Sun     9.00pm
National Theatre Live presents KING LEAR (no free tickets)
Sat/Sun 1.00pm

Cult Fridays at Chauvel RE-ANIMATOR & WIZARD OF OZ (M)
Fri  8.30pm 
Tickets $12– available now

POLAND/1962/B&W/94mins/16mm/NFVLS / 18+
Dir: Roman Polanski 
In effect this is a chamber piece involving only three characters in a confined setting – a small yacht on the Mazurian lakes – a drama which explores the dynamics of role-playing, the game of domination and submission in a sado-masochistic power struggle. The two men embody the conflict between two generations (also the subject of Skolimowski’s films Walkover and Barrier): the middle aged ‘red bourgeoisie’ and the younger generation, cynical and craving integration yet with romantic yearnings. The woman, resistant to male domination, is a master of the tactics of humiliation. In the context of Polish cinema The Knife in the Water is notable for its concern with unspoken inner motivation and the abandonment of symbolism.

The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Mar 8 to 27.
Tickets now on sale

Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington 2021   ph 02 9361 5398

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