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CHESS: Check this out mate!

CHESS: Check this out mate!CHESS MATE

It may not be a topic on everyone’s lips in Australia but currently the World Chess Championship 2008 is underway.  The championship is a twelve game match between the Vladimir KramnikWorld Chess Championship 2007.

The match is taking place in Bonn, Germany, between 14 October and 2 November 2008  The rules for the games make interesting reading , including time restraints and ultimately a tie breaker if required.  After six games, Anand leads 4½–1½ with the next game scheduled to take place on 23 October. 

In some countries of the world chess still remains immensely popular, perhaps no where more so than in India and Russia, the home countries of the two men fighting out the 2008 World Championship.  Many young players are coming to the fore and are trying to make the game fashionable. 

Take for example Alexandra Kostantinovna Kosteniuk , 24, a Russian chess Grandmaster and the current Women’s World Chess Champion.

Check this out mate!  Chess players today.
The Queen of Chess – Alexandra Kostantinovna Kosteniuk

Alexandra learned to play chess at the age of five after being taught by her father. She has a little sister named Oxana Kosteniuk, who is a master level chess player.Kosteniuk’s mottos have been “chess is cool” and “beauty and intelligence can go together”. With these as a backdrop, Kosteniuk has been promoting chess in the capacity of a fashion model and ambassador of chess in order to spark interest in the game around the world.  She is also the host of a popular podcast “Chess is Cool” which informs listeners about Alexandra’s life and current chess events.


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