Cinémathèque at Chauvel Cinema Sydney

December 1st, 2011



Cinémathèque screenings are held every Monday at 6:30pm and open to members and their guests.

  • The Shining – Monday 5 December 2011
  • Pauline at the Beach – Monday 12 December 2011
  • Violence at High Noon – Monday 19 December 2011

(UK/1980/Colour/120mins/16mm/NFVLS /18+)

Dir: Stanley Kubrick
In this wondrously pessimistic film Kubrick does not so much subvert the horror genre as displace it with his own cosmic concerns: the primitive he finds at the heart of civilization. The film’s strategy is to continually confound expectations set up by the framework of genre – horror merged with fairytale. Family life – the family isolated and invaded from within – is placed at the centre yet virtually caricatured. The film is structured as a journey yet located in one huge set.


(FRA/1983/Colour/ 94 mins/16mm/NFVLS/18+)

Dir:Eric Rhommer
The third of Rohmer’s Comedies et Proverbes series (see summary for La Femme de l’Aviateur) is prefaced by a medieval motto ‘Who talks o’ermuch, himself doth harm.’ At the centre of what has been described as ‘an airy comedy of manners, encompassing genuine pain’ is 15 year-old Pauline. Her ideals are put to a severe test when, during a holiday at Normandy, she is caught up in an emotional triangle which attendant hypocrisies transforms into an even more fraught hexagon.



Dir: Nagisa Oshima
Concerns the failure of ideals in contemporary Japan centered around the activities of a sex criminal, the husband of a village schoolteacher. The girlfriend of the village headman’s son is raped by the criminal whilst unconscious after a suicide attempt. Soon after he continues to wander around the country raping and killing women. The only glimmer of hope is in the character of girl, who is but a personification of the mass of the people who will simply go on living.

Ticket pricing: Mini Membership (4 screenings/1 guest) A$20/C$16.50 Quarterly Membership (12 screenings/3 guests) A$40/C$35.50 Annual Membership (52 screenings/12 guests) A$99/C$82.5
Membership covers cost of tickets for duration of membership.

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