Circus Oz Steampowered Opening Night Melbourne

June 27th, 2011


23 June 2011 
Circus Oz grand premier of Steampowered- story and images by Stephanie Ryan-Smith (ed. MiSociety)
Circus Oz Steampowers a huge opening night 
Steampowered, the latest production by Circus Oz, saw the many friends and followers of the Melbourne based company attend Melbourne’s cultural and central events location, Birrarung Mar, for the grand premier opening night show and after party. 

Circus Oz – my Goodness, what can I say?!  A number of words instantly come to mind; mesmerising, astounding, enthralling and inspiring.  This was no typical circus show.  These Australian performers proved that a circus doesn’t need to feature animals, nor does it need overwhelming costumes or elaborate lighting effects, in order to put on a world class standard circus show.  The ‘spectacular’ factor was through the the clever choreography and original concepts that were combined with some old traditional circus classics, as well as the raw strength and stamina of each performer.
There were times where I honestly felt like I was being hypnotised by it – you just could not take your eyes off these performers and you didn’t want to either.  The daring , yet graceful acts, seemed to be at times shocking, but also quite obviously appearing effortless; all consequential of the dedication, the willingness to take risks and the natural talents of the Circus Oz cast. 

A circus, of course,  wouldn’t be complete without a touch of humour, with all the acts here being quite funny in their own clever way. Ring Master Sarah Ward was thoroughly entertaining and was the perfect contrast to Steampowered’s cast.


Auntie Carol and Auntie Di, honoured indigenous Australian community leaders, led the welcoming to the show reminding us of the history of the land we were standing on at Birrarung Mar.

Jennifer Carnis from The City Of Melbourne,  gave a proud speech outlining Melbourne’s connection to Circus Oz while  firmly stating “Circus Oz lives what they believe”. 

The Victorian Liberal Government has donated 15 million dollars to Circus Oz to assist in bringing them home to their original roots in  Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Collingwood, where a new headquarters and training centre is being developed. 

The finale of ‘Steampowered’  saw all members of the Circus Oz extended family brought up into the ring for thank you speeches adding in an appeal for donations to assist the wonderful troupe of performers. 

The ‘Steampowered’ after party was a deliciously, decadent and vibrant affair that had us all partying well on into the night.

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