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Comedy Festival Grounded

Sydney 20 April 2010
Comedy Festival comedians miss the boat ..er sorry.. plane

Normally if a comedian told you that they missed their flight due to a volcanic eruption you’d think it was a joke…unless of course it was Tony Woods who always seems to just arrive after he should.

But this time it’s no laughing matter that Jarred Christmas and Benjamin Crellin will be unable to appear at CRACKER night and their own shows this week due to planes being grounded in London after the transport turmoil caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.

Jarred Christmas’s one night only show this week has been cancelled, as he is not expected to make it to Australia in time for the Wednesday Night performance.

Also cancelled is New Zealand comedian Benjamin Crellin, who has been performing in the UK. Due to the backlog of outgoing flights Benjamin is not going to arrive in Australian in time for his shows next weekend.

Please note that Daniel Sloss will also no longer be appearing at CRACKER night or the first week of The Comedy Showcase as he has been delayed but is expected to arrive in time for his solo show in May.


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