Counterfeit: Boys vs Girls

November 15th, 2011



The eighteenth in the series of ‘Counterfeit’ Tribute Nights – the monthly live music night featuring a collection of local acts playing homage.

  • Friday 18 November 2011 – 7pm
  • Town Hall Hotel
  • free

Town Hall Hotel
326 King St Newtown

Counterfeit: Boys vs Girls features 15 Sydney acts playing their favourite tracks featuring ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ in the title – from all genres, all eras, including tracks by: Queen, Garbage, Redgum, Tom Petty, Royal Headache and more.

Performers include: Mystic River, The Blarney Stoners, The Russian Messengers, Dave Sattout, Harry’s Angels, C*NT, The Dark Stripes, Seizure Procedure, HaBa gaziliO,The Glimmerinos, Rex Havoc, Alex Party Cat, Hustle & Tofu, Mike Frazer and Boy Trouble.

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