Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Sydney Opening Night Review and After Party

October 28th, 2013



Dirty Rotten Scoundrels The Musical Sydney Opening Night Review and After Party photos images story;  MiSociety
Sydney 24 October 2013

Sydney’s Newest Con Artists Deliver Uproariosly Clever Musical Comedy
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels originated from the film titled ‘Bedtime Story’ starring David Niven, Marlon Brandon and Shirley Jones in 1964.  The movie was remade as ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ in 1988 starring that time around Michael Cane, Steve Martin and Glenne Headly.  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels as ‘The Musical’ premiered in Sydney on 24 October 2013 faving first run on Broadway back in 2005.   For the dozen or so people who may have never seen ‘Scoundrels’ in any form the story centres on a couple of opportunists who make their living from separating wealthy ladies from their cash.  Lawrence has made a fortune while Freddy is keen to be his ‘apprentice’.  When the Toothpaste Queen, Christine Colgate, arrives in their South of France domain the boys compete for a $50,000 booty.

Comparisons between such well loved films and subsequent stage productions are never easy and most often the ‘live’ show does not live up to the film goers memory.  Not so for ‘Dirty Rotten Scoudrels’ opening night Sydney where the audience laughed, applauded and gave a rousing standing ovation for some very polished performances by a troupe of accomplished players.

Tony Sheldon as Lawrence Jameson was no Michael Cane but took the role and brilliantly made it his own, while Matt Hetherington made the perfect unpolished scoundrel Freddy Benson.  Both ‘scoundrels’ were outstanding and it’s impossible to choose the absolute best bounder.  Amy Lehpamer as Christine Colgate was suitably both ‘cute’ and ‘cunning’ with great support from Anne Wood (Muriel) Katrina Retallick (Jolene) and John Wood (Andre Thivault) all adding enormous charm to their scenes.  

Lyricist David Yazbeck deserves special mention for the clever, funny (and sometimes a little bawdy) lyrics and music that is so central to the production but, a little word of warning here, MiSociety would NOT suggest taking the kids.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is showing at the Theatre Royal Sydney until at least 8 December 2013 and all MiSociety can add is don’t miss it!!!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels hosted an after party at The Ivy Lounge where a huge crowd of ‘scoundrelites’ landed to meet the stars of the show and to celebrate way into the night after a very successful opening performance. 
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