Ducati ‘Streetfighter’ debuts at Sugarmill, Kings Cross, Sydney

July 27th, 2009

21 July 2009    Words & Images:  MiSociety

On yer bike (but make it a Ducati “Streetfighter’ darls)

Ducati unveiled their new 155 horsepower ‘Streetfighter’ bike at Sugarmill in Sydney’s Kings Cross to a predominately male audience.  No scrubby ‘bikie’ types here when the covers were drawn from the gleaming machines and the crowd rushed forward for their turn in the saddle.

Zoe Naylor geed up the crowd in anticipation of the public’s first glimpse of these state of the art road bikes that pack the same punch as as Ducati’s reigning World Champion Superbikes. 

Want to hit the road on a Ducati with the wind in your hair…..and all that stuff then head out to Fraser Motorcycles    (the big bike shop for big boys and girls).

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