EFFEN Vodka Australian Launch Party at QT Hotel Sydney

June 27th, 2013



EFFEN Vodka Australian Launch Party at QT Hotel Sydney photos images story; MiSociety
Sydney 24 June 2013

EFFEN Good Vodka on a cold winter’s night
EFFEN Vodka launched in Australia at an exclusive gathering within the QT Hotel Sydney. Now before you go to any conclusion jumping, ‘EFFEN’ literally means “smooth” in Dutch. Smooth it is and so was the event which turned out to be a ‘cocktail tasting’ of Jason Crawley’s EFFEN Vodka Signature range.

Sydney’s weather was bitter this night but MiSociety was speedily sweetened by the introductory cocktail the ‘Swaffle – a traditional Dutch delight featuring EFFEN Vodka infused with white cacao syrup (you haven’t lived till you’ve indulged one of these little beauties!)

EFFEN Vodka Sea-Salt Watermelon Martini’s were next to hit the taste buds followed by such wonders as the Flat (yes flat)Tonic and Grapefruit Cobbler and the Olive Oil (now trending in cocktails) Choc-Orange Ramos Fizz with the grand finale being the Coconut Ristretto Martini.

QT Hotel’s delicious canapés accompanied the tastings of this interesting and varied line-up of cocktails but it was the sampling of the EFFEN Vodka ‘neat’ that punched home to MiSociety the distinct style and smoothness of this new tipple to hit the Australian drinks scene.   EFFEN Vodka Website

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