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FASHION: Stepping out – Kumfs to the rescue


Kumfs - Kelso


Kumfs - Zany




 If your feet cause you grief – it shows on your face – and that’s a fact.

My shoes are absolutely killing me!  How many times have you heard this and/or noticed out and about how many of the feminine gender are doing the one shoe shuffle to give each foot a rest.  The majority of ladies shoes today are designed solely (sorry) for appearance and fashion with little thought going into whether they will cause pain and irreparable damage to your feet.

I know this because I’m a leading authority on sore feet.  I have suffered for years from the wearing of badly designed shoes and I am paying the price now – big time.  But, let’s face it, normally ‘comfortable’ footwear is not going to enhance that gorgeous filmy kaftan you just bought or your favourite little black number or even your latest pair of designer jeans. 

As publisher of the MiSociety website I attend many VIP functions each week and what is (still) the first thing others note – your shoes.  What to put on my poor suffering flat (and now buneoned) feet had become a nightmare. 

That was until some months ago when as I was navigating around the shoe stores seeking out  what was on offer that I could actually walk in (and equally important, footwear that I would want to been seen walking in) that I limped into Kumfs Piccadilly store in Sydney.

What a treat!  There I was in the Kumfs store trying on ‘heels’ for the first time in years and they ‘fitted’ and I could walk in them!!  And, as said, ‘equally important’ the shoes were smart and fashionable.  I refrained myself on that visit to the purchase of just two pairs – a black ankle boot ‘Zany’ and a pair of  ‘Kelso’ in pewter.  I recently returned and skipped away with a pair of ‘Kacey’ in black and pewter plus the ‘Hermes’ sandal in cream (had to have the matching handbag to these as well of course).

Impressed by the unseen orthopedic innersole and excellent ‘balance’ of these shoes I did some investigating of the company.  Kumfs was started in New Zealand in 1940 by a podiatrist and has a long reputation for comfort, quality and girls – style. 

So girls if you’re over that pained expression on your face because your feet are screaming at you do yourselves a favour and try on a pair of Kumfs.  You can find their list of Australian stores at www.kumfs.co..nz


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