June 1st, 2008

Society has become very complacent over the years with formats within which our entertainment is ‘delivered’ to us by the likes of Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel Ten. 

Take the case of Australian Film and Television award events.  Is there anyone out there, anyone at all with a analytical mind, who can honestly say they look forward to, or enjoy, those endless boring transmissions of film awards?  When you analyse the core reason for this fact it is due to the huge padding that takes place to expand, for advertising opportunities, what should be a relatively straight forward process in celebration of the best of Australian creative talent on and behind screen.

What Joe Public is generally served up with by these networks through their latest  hosts, (you know, the Dicky, Eddie types) who are given the task of prolonging the affair by hours with inane comments and tedious attempts at comedy.  Is it really so difficult in the twenty first century to create real humour and outstanding one-liners?  Is it possible that all the clever one-liners have been exhausted in history?

The Film Critics Circle of Australia’s 2007 Annual Awards (the title is the long winded bit) were a brilliant example of crisp, well ordered proceedings that seriously presented the featured winners – although not without touches of well placed humour. 

The country’s film critics named Noise as last year’s best Australian film, and gave the production another six awards in various categories including best actor and music score.
The Film Critics Circle of Australia (FCCA) is the national, professional body of film critics in Australia.  Their stated aims:-
• To promote excellence and integrity in the art of film criticism.
• To support the advancement of Australian and international film culture
• To recognise outstanding achievement in Australian film through the FCCA Annual Awards presentation.

Overall, an impressive evening put together by the FCCA and their Administrator and Awards manager, Adrienne McKibbins.   FCCA’s members, the professional critics, are the real gurus we should take notice of when planning our cinema visits in the future…..MiSay

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