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FILM – Chauvel Cinema: 31 Dec 09 – 6 Jan 2010

December 31, 2009toJanuary 6, 2010



Exclusive to Chauvel!
Mesrine: Killer Instinct MA15+
Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel), a loyal son and dedicated soldier back home and living with his parents after serving in the Algerian War. Handsome and charming, he is soon seduced by the neon glamour of 60s Paris and the easy money it presents. Don’t miss one of the most talked-about French cinema events in years – the two-part story of one the most controversial and debated criminal figures in Europe in recent memory.
This is Scarface, en français.
Thu 6.20pm
Fri & Sun & Tue 1.10pm, 6.20pm
Sat 1.40pm, 9.15pm
Mon 1.40pm, 9.20pm
Wed 1.40pm, 9.15pm
In Search of Beethoven (G)
Phil Grabsky, the filmmaker behind In Search of Mozart, explores the life and music of Beethoven.
Thu 11.00, 5.00pm
Fri & Sun & Tue 11.00, 6.30pm
Sat & Mon11.00, 4.50pm
Tues 11.00, 6.30pm
Wed 11.00am, 4.50pm

Exclusive Eastern Suburbs season!
Antichrist (R18+)
Cannes Best Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg & Willem Dafoe are the grieving couple who retreat to the woods in Lars Von Trier’s latest provocation.
Thu 1.10pm
Fri & Sun & Tue 9.10pm
Sat & Mon & Wed 8.30pm

Genova (M)
Colin Firth, Catherine Keener & Hope Davis star in the moving new Italian-set drama from Michael Winterbottom.
Thu/Fri & Sun & Tue 11.15am
Sat & Mon & Wed 1.00pm

A Serious Man (M)
Hot on the heels of No Country for Old Men and Burn After Reading, The Coen Brothers have switched gears again to deliver this pitch-perfect comic drama that takes them back to their roots in Minnesota – a place they haven’t shot in since 1996′s Fargo. With A SERIOUS MAN, the Coens’ imaginatively explore questions of faith, familial responsibility, delinquent behaviour, dental phenomena, academia, mortality, and Judaism – and intersections thereof…
Thu 3.30pm
Fri 3.30pm,8.30pm
Sat & Wed 3.50pm, 6.20pm
Sun & Tue 3.30pm, 8.30pm
Mon 3.50pm
Wed 3.50pm, 6.20pm

Away We Go (MA5+)
A delicate comedy with heartfelt and darkly funny take on the challenges of making a modern family, directed by the wonderful Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty)
Thu/Fri & Sun & Tue 1.35pm
Sat & Wed 11.15am, 7.30pm
Mon 11.15am
Wed 11.15am, 7.30pm

Returns this Mon!
Mon (4/1) 6:30pm
Dir: Samuel Armstrong
Disney’s venture into marrying high and popular culture remains a milestone for animated film.

The Informant! (M)
Based on the true story of the highest-ranking corporate whistle-blower in US history. Rising star at agricultural-industry giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Whitacre (Matt Damon) suddenly turns whistle-blower. Even as he exposes his company’s multi-national price-fixing conspiracy to the FBI, Whitacre envisions himself being hailed as a hero of the common man and handed a promotion.
Thu 3.15pm
Fri & Tue 3.20pm
Sat & Wed 3.00pm
Sun 3.20pm
Mon 3.00pm,7.30pm

Returns January 9th!
NY Metropolitan Opera 09/10
Direct from New York!
Sat (9/1) 11.30am, Sun (10/1) 1.00pm,
Thu (14/1) 11.30am & Sun (17/1) 2.00pm

Tickets. $27 general, $24 concession
Avail in person, online or
MCA Tix on Ph: 1300 306 776
Full details at chauvelcinema.net.au/met

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