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Film Screening in Melbourne – Cairo 678

December 1, 2011toDecember 7, 2011



Egyptian Cinema at the ACMI

  • Thursday 1 December – Wednesday 7 December 2011

Cairo 678 tells the story of three women living seemingly unconnected lives in modern day Egypt. Set before the historic events at Tahrir Square, we are given a rare glimpse into a world in which, as in the case of the film’s protagonist Fayza, sexual assault is endured “every single day”. In his feature length directorial debut, screenwriter Mohamed Diab sensitively explores this controversial topic. The film weaves a detailed narrative connecting the three leading characters; working-class mother and wife Fayza, middle-class fledgling stand-up comedian Nelly, and the wealthy jewellery designer Seba. Irrespective of religion, creed or social standing, these women become linked by shared experiences. Fayza is molested everyday as she catches the bus to work, Nelly lodges the first sexual harassment case in Egypt after she is attacked on the streets of Cairo, and Seba, who runs a self defence course for women, is attacked at a football match. Their lives are brought together through an intricate chain of events, culminating in the women setting up a vigilante group.

The film is a considered examination of a topic rarely spoken about. As Diab states, “These kinds of taboos, the problem is no one speaks about them . The solution is to speak about them”. Cairo 678 was released a month before the revolution and, during the same month, the number of sexual harassment cases filed in Egypt tripled compared with the previous year. It has been said that revolution and social unrest are often distilled by a nation’s artists long before actual events begin. The events portrayed in this film are an eerie anticipation of the winds of change that would come to Egypt.

Don’t miss Cairo 678, screening as part of the Winds of Spring: New Egyptian Cinema film season, showcasing Egypt’s vibrant, politically charged cinematic scene.

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