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THEATRE – Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2010

January 8, 2010toFebruary 21, 2010


Short+Sweet, the largest ten minute theatre festival in the world

  • Newtown Theatre (Wed-Sun from Jan 6 to Feb 21)
  • Seymour Centre Downstairs (from Feb 2 to 20, Tues-Sat

Short+Sweet, the largest ten minute theatre festival in the world will reach an historic milestone during Short+Sweet Sydney 2010, when the 1000th play by an Australian writer is presented during the summer festival.
Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2010 will present around 160 plays from January to February

in two venues in Sydney – the Newtown Theatre (Wed-Sun from Jan 6 to Feb 21) and Seymour Centre Downstairs (from Feb 2 to 20, Tues-Sat). See the full schedule – including the ‘wildcards’ series, the Gala Awards finals and masterclasses under separate cover.
Among the highlights of Short+Sweet Sydney 2010 are an autobiographical one-man play written by and starring former Guantanamo Bay inmate Mamdouh Habib, as well as Sydney premieres for the controversial Caryl Churchill play Seven Jewish Children and Edward Albee’s The Sandbox.
Short+Sweet began life at the Newtown Theatre in January 2002 and expanded to Melbourne (2005), Singapore (2007), the Central Coast of NSW (2008) and Malaysia (2008). It launched in Canberra and Brisbane in September 2009 and in January 2010 the first ever Short+Sweet Auckland hits the stage.
In its nine year history Short+Sweet has presented 1380 of the best ten minute plays from writers all over the world, with over 60% of those coming from Australian writers.
“Currently we are sitting on 913 Australian plays presented in the history of Short+Sweet” said Alex Broun, Artistic Director of Short+Sweet Theatre.
“With a further 60 over the next few months to be produced in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra Short+Sweets, we are set to pass the mark of the 1000th Aussie play during Sydney 2010 in January.”
The amazing achievement underlines that Short+Sweet is now the largest producer of Australian theatre writers on the globe. Its producers also argue that Short+Sweet has done more for Australian playwriting over the last decade than any other theatre company or organisation.
Australian writers whose work have featured in the festival read like a Who’s Who of Australian playwriting: David Allen, Alan Seymour, Hilary Bell, Ross Mueller, Kate Mulvaney, Suzie Miller, Daniel Keene, Nick Enright, Tom Holloway, Vanessa Bates, Christopher Johnson, Alex Broun, Noelle Janacewska, Patricia Cornelius, Brendan Cowell and Van Badham.  And Short+Sweet has also played a role in discovering a whole new wave of exciting new playwrights including Wayne Tunks, Jane Miller, Ashley Walker, Cerise de Gelder, Mark Andrew, Tom Taylor, Carl J Sorheim, Nathan Curnow, Kate Toon, David Sharpe, Richard Graham, Steven Hopley, Con Nats, Charles Freyberg and David Bulmer.
Short+Sweet’s ability to attract younger audiences also remains the envy of many established companies.
Local actors and directors are also featured in Short+Sweet Sydney 2010 and they have a chance to be selected for Shorter+Sweeter, the professional touring arm of Short+Sweet which embarks on a four month nationwide tour in April 2010.
Short+Sweet Theatre has helped to launch the careers of many actors including Nicole da Silva, Renee Lim, Tom O’Sullivan, Matt Holmes, Rose Byrne and Trilby Glover – just to name a few.
The full detailed program of plays for Short+Sweet 2010 will be announced at the season launch on Tues 8 December.

For  more information visit www.shortandsweet.org


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