The Finer Things in Life – Art Equity and Ultimate Car Club, Vessel Sydney

May 6th, 2012


The Finer Things in Life – Art Equity, Ultimate Car Club, The Balvenie photos and story; MiSociety 2 May 2012

Art Equity, Ultimate Car Club and The Balvenie generate The Finer Things in Life at Vessel in Sydney
‘The Finer Things in Life’ drew a huge crowd of invited guests to drool over the Ultimate Car Club’s Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Lamborghini super cars lined up alongside Art Equity’s fine art with the traditionally hand crafted whisky ‘The Balvenie’ on offer to smooth the way.

The Finer Things in Life had guests gleefully climbing behind the wheels of the prestigious roadsters and acting out a drive on an open road before posing as ‘owners’ of the vehicles for camera shoots with friends. 

‘Vessel’, at Sydney’s King Street Wharf, afforded the perfect space to showcase the cars and art and highlighting that there are few venues in the harbour city of this size and class able to accommodate a stable of vehicles and large art works.

What’s that? Your lotto numbers haven’t netted you a fortune of late well don’t despair as the idea behind the *  Ultimate Car Club  is that, as a member, you can have an ‘arrangement’ whereby you have use of their highly coveted vehicles throughout the year. 

Art Equity had galleried up the ‘Vessel’ with a number of their striking contemporary art works created by some of Australia’s most collectable artists today.  Art Equity also offer a ‘hire’ type service for their Fine Art having Australia’s largest private corporate rental program running alongside their sales and consultancy services.

The Balvenie bar at this connoisseurs’ fest was another ‘hot spot’  with whisky aficionados and novices alike lining up to try ‘The Balvenie’ 12, 15 and 21 yr aged hand crafted single malt whisky as well as the (very rare in Australia) 30 yr aged single malt golden drop that is, of course, also traditionally hand crafted.

MiSociety had a great time at this event, but mused – wouldn’t it be ‘luverly’ if these ‘Finer Things in Life’ played a larger role in most of our everyday lives – oh well had better get into gear now to buy this week’s lotto ticket. 
*Update 18 July 2012 The Ultimate Car Club’s site no longer appears to be live

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