Cyclones, floods, fire and fashion amidst the fame seekers

February 7th, 2011

Australia has certainly had a lashing by the weather stick of late and we have all been saddened and dismayed by the destruction it has wrought.  Even for those of us not directly affected, there would be few whose thoughts are not invaded by the suffering of so many of our fellow citizens.

It is always easy to criticize those in power in any given situation but the sheer might and determination of those delegated to the task of ensuring the personal safety of people in these current disasters has to be commended.

We’ve all seen the film and photographic coverage of the plights of so many and the absolute destruction that has descended upon such massive areas of this country.  It appears to be of miracle proportions that more people were not killed or injured.  The numerous stories of personal bravery will never all be told to the masses as generally those committing these acts are not of the ilk to be seeking their ‘five minutes’ of fame.  These heroes will just get on with their lives and likely do the same thing again should circumstances demand.

I wonder then what  it is that forces some to claim the limelight for small inconsequential deeds when others put their own safety on the line to save the well being of others who are often unknown to them.  These are the good souls that none of us will ever read about or see on television.  Ordinary people who will never make the ‘A’ celebrity list (or the ‘B’ or ‘C’ list either) but everyday ‘Joes’ who likely don’t even wear the right designer labels.

But today’s society demands glamour, glitz and gold seekers.  In the never ending race for notoriety, fame and the latest fashion footwear are we losing sight of the real qualities of life?  Is anyone even interested anymore anyway?

The hackneyed question “who would you like to invite to your dinner party” usually conjures answers littered with famous names from the world of film, literature and the like who very likely would decline the invitation anyway.  Some of the most interesting people I’ve encountered along life’s jagged road have been the unsung heroes.  Battered farmers and bushies with tales of old from weather beaten faces who speak of floods, fires and tough times that many of us in untouched cities have little concept of.  A single mother who put five kids through university (and she’s four foot three).  Another who is wheelchair bound and has more sheer will, humour and compassion for others than an element of so called ‘celebrities’ even though her life has been filled with pain and tragedy.  This lady does not shop for the latest label, she just seeks attire that she is able to pull over her misshapen body with some degree of ease. 

Just a little food for thought and perhaps next time you are ‘out and about’ you may look past the outwardly most glamorous and maybe seek out someone who doesn’t readily fit our fashionable ‘mold’ – you never know, you may stumble upon some insightful and worthwhile interaction of the human kind.  MiSociety

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