Frolic at the Polo – Hector King Day at the Windsor Polo Club Richmond

November 3rd, 2010

31 October 2010    Photos and Story;  MiSociety

Frolicing  good time at the Polo
Polo continues to grow in popularity as a spectator sport and it’s not difficult to see why.  Here we all were out in the beautiful countryside that is Richmond, fizz in hand while breathing real fresh air and all to the tune of thundering hooves – ah bliss.

Once seen as a game just for the horsey set, times have certainly changed.  Increasingly city dwellers are finding their way out to the Windsor Richmond area outside of Sydney to spend the day watching the cream of Australia’s Polo players.

If you believe a day at a dedicated Polo field entails sitting on the hard ground with a flask of tea and a sandwich – forget it.  As the corks pop, tables are laden with food while spectators settle in for a fun day of fast paced action on the field.

MiSociety had again joined the Frolic Events team to be bussed to and fro out to the Windsor Polo Club where we were wined and dined and relaxed in comfort amongst a terrific group of fellow ‘Frolicers’.  We did however hustle ourselves up for the traditional stomping of the divots, the meeting and greeting of the horses and their riders and some fun with doggies of all shapes and sizes.

Fashions of the Field was won by Jane Ormsby with runners-up being  Clare Audet and Catrina Shallish who took home prizes including millinery by Philadelphia Philpot, tickets to the upcoming Build a Community Ball and bottles of bubbly.

The main match of the day was the Hector King Cup which was taken out by Sydney who led all the way to beat Marshall 2-0, 3-1. 6-2. 7-4, 8-5 and 8-7.

Stay tuned for the next Frolic at the Polo event.  Till then there’s another upcoming Polo tournament – the Lady Luck International Ladies Polo on Sunday 7 November 2010 – click for details.

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