Hilton Hotel Sydney ‘Seasonal Ingredient Calendar’ Launch

July 20th, 2015



Sydney 23 June 2015 Hilton Sydney  ‘Seasonal Ingredient Calendar’ Launch photos and images – MiSociety

Hilton Hotel Sydney launches its ‘Seasonal Ingredient Calendar’ with a Corella Pear extravaganza.

Hilton Hotel  Sydney launched its innovative new campaign to showcase regional produce throughout their many eateries with media invited into the Hilton’s culinary hub – their kitchen.  Hilton’s  ‘Seasonal Ingredient Calendar’ will feature a different ingredient monthly.

Corella Pears were the initial star choice to be incorporated into the hotels 2015 food menus for June, to be followed up with olives in July and whiting in August.

Hilton aprons were ‘de rigueur ‘ as we entered the food preparation space to be greeted by recently appointed (January 2015) Hilton Sydney GM, Ronald van Weezel and his expert culinary team.  Mr van Weezel  enthusiastically announced this new concept which will be rolled out across all of the hotels outlets including Glass Brasserie, Zeta Bar, Cafe Cino and the Marble Bar.

Congrats to Ronald van Weezel and his talented team for creating menus highlighting the best of  NSW produce with fresh ideas on how it can be enjoyed.
Hilton Hotel Sydney website

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