HP Beach Club launch of Intel ENVYx2 Sydney

November 30th, 2012


HP Intel ENVYx2 launch at Beach Club Sydney photos images story; MiSociety 29 November 2012

HP Beach Club the ultimate pop-up to ENVY x2
HP and Intel created the ultimate in ‘pop-ups’ this week on the forecourt of Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney.  The HP Beach Club had it all from the blue and white theme to a cabana bar, deck chairs, beach umbrellas and palm trees waving in the breeze.

Hewlett-Packard Beach Club launch had to be re-scheduled from being an opening party to a closing party due to horrific weather conditions earlier in the week.  Thankfully when the VIP party went ahead Sydney produced a wonderful balmy evening and we really did feel as though we were on some lovely island somewhere.  Patrons of the adjoining bar looked on enviously as guests in the Beach Club luxuriated in the kick back setting.

Dion Lee (Designer), Nat Taubman (Zanerobe designer), Ben Wood (Nova presenter), Coralie Bradbery (Chadwicks model) and Tim Burrowes (Mumbrella) all joined in the beach party atmosphere.  Bayleaf provided some really interesting and delicious canapés including our first experience with lychee lamingtons on a stick. 

HP Beach Club during the three days of its existence saw members of the public making full use of the urban set tropical nirvana atmosphere for meetings and get-togethers while taking the opportunity to play with HP’s latest in digital devices – the Intel ENVYx2.

HP Intel’s ENVY x2 is a clever little device which solves the “Do I bring my notebook or tablet?” dilemma, as it is both.  MiSociety couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a play with the ultra thin and light ENVY x2 and have just one thing to say about it – want one!!

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