ic! berlin’s Ralph Anderl unhinges Sydney

July 14th, 2009

11 July 2009  Story: Amanda Balemans  Images: MiSociety

Ralph Anderl and Anita Cooper

Berlin in Sydney (MiSociety Exclusive)
Sydney was a sight for sore eyes (sorry) with the who’s who of the Optical world converging here for several events held over the course of the weekend.  MiSociety was extremely fortunatle to be  included on the guest list for one of the most unique events of the weekend (if not month/year)!

MiSociety arrived at the address thinking we must have mistakenly come to the wrong place.  After pacing up and down the street searching  for a sign we decided to take a punt and found ourselves in a space that had been amazingly transformed into a funky environment befitting of the guest of honour – founder and face of ic! berlin, Ralph Anderl.

Anderl’s reputation is legendary in Europe and a select group of invited eyewear retailers and optometrists came from all over  to attend this off-sight soiree put together by Maximillian Neubauer of Eyemakers Pty Ltd.

A fun help yourself bar was in operation and guests were offered a wonderful variety  of canapes and antipasto which were followed up with  a delicious serving of Moroccan chicken and couscous.

Ralph demonstrated that he is a man of many talents and wowed his guests with an outstanding vocal performance of some Schubert classics.

As well as being a charismatic entrepreneur of eyewear, designing amazing screw-less hinged glasses, and having a beautiful singing voice, Ralph is also a keen photographer!  We watched intrigued, as he rearranged the chandelier on the floor and set up shots of Anita Cooper modelling a pair of ic! berlin’s sunglasses.

The whole evening had the feel of being at a delightfully exclusive yet warm party in a friends house rather than a studio and all the guests were like friends of friends rather than a group of industry types with only the one thing in common – fabulously exclusive eyewear!

If you want to see the hinged frames in action, check out this Youtube link:
To hear some of Ralph’s Schubert performance, check it out here:

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