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julEYE 2010 Launch, Kirribilli House, Sydney

1 July 2010           Photos and Story; MiSociety

Get your eyes tested to save your sight says Kirk Pengilly
The Eye Foundation’s julEYE 2010 launch drew MiSociety to Kirribilli House for a very special reception.  ’julEYE 2010′ is the fundraiser campaign for the Eye Foundation that is companioned with their public awareness program to save your sight by getting an eye test now.

Kirk Pengilly, INXS band member and Eye Foundation ambassador, knows all about what it means to be on the precipice of blindness.  In his 20′s, Kirk awoke one morning after a gig in excruciating pain and couldn’t open his eyes.  Kirk had immediate treatment and now says  “I was incredibly lucky I didn’t go blind”.

The generous support of Canturi Jewels saw one very lucky lady, Susan Daniell, open the box (literally) to win the $10,000 Canturi diamond necklace prize to the envy of the other 200 guests who had also purchased the $200 raffle tickets.

MiSocietyhas been to many venues around town but Julia Gillard’s new home is by far one of the very best.  This this opinion was heartily echoed by the guests  on the night that included Eye Foundation Board Members, eye specialists and professionals together with their generous supporters.

So readers be sure you diarise, along with your other medicals, an appointment to have your eyes checked – it could save your sight.  Glaucoma is a silent disease that can rob you of your vision before you even know you have it.  

To find out where you can be tested, or to donate to the Eye Foundation to support eye health research and development projects, visit www.eyefoundation.org.au.

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