LG Optimus Smartphone Launch, Alexandria

July 12th, 2010

2 July 2010   Photos and Story;  MiSociety

LG ‘Optimus’ Android Smartphone – show us the way to go home
LG launched their new super duper LG ‘Optimus’ Android Smartphone at a fun themed event for dealers and media with not a sign of any ‘rent a crowd’.  The cavernous B2 Studios were transformed into several ‘experience’ rooms.  There was the Kings Cross room, another one where a tattooist was inking in the real stuff, a comedy space, a huge bar area and the ‘Garage’ where legendary guitarist Peter Northcote and his band mega gigged.

The ‘Optimus’ Smartphone has all the bells and whistles that today’s social set could wish for without morgaging the dog.  We learned that this ‘Android tablet’  has over 50,000 downloadable ‘apps’ available.   Crickey, most users could never possibly know a fraction of all these (let alone use them).  This latest little device should prove the latest ‘must have’ accessory.

Playing with the LG‘ Optimus’ proved fun, especially holding it aloft for it to tell us the address of any place nearby we could wish to go.  It could be hours of fun on a wet Sunday arvo just learning one’s way around it.

The ‘Optimus’ would really have come in handy with its street map ‘app’ in helping us find our way out from the depths of Alexandria where taxis appear to fear to ‘call’.

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