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April 11th, 2011

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How to list an event on the MiSociety website
MiSociety does not have an automatic system  where anyone can upload anything as we vet every event published and like to keep a good variety of  ‘things to do’ for our readers.

PLEASE note:  We ask that in exchange for a free listing the MiSociety web address be added as a link on your website.  Priority will be given to those who do this and let us know about it.  If this is not possible you can also join us in Twitter and Facebook.

For a free listing:  Only information received in the following manner will be considered for free listings;

  • Plain text only (*no formatting, bolding, italics, tabs, centering etc.) in the body of an email (no attachments please) with no ‘all capitals’ . 
  • Name of event, function, exhibition etc.
  • Date/s it will be held (art exhibitions must include opening night information)
  • Place it will be held and address
  • Cost or Free
  • Followed by a couple of lines (only for free listing) of *plain text with what it is about and any relevant names involved.
  • A link to where our readers may find further information
  • MiSociety

OR You may add your event by leaving a comment on a similar event within your date range – these comments must wait approval by MiSociety and will not be added to the calendar.

Due to the huge demand for publication of events in MiSociety we cannot guarantee the publication of free listings.  Oh and another hint, we always appreciate courtesy in our request emails.

To upgrade publication of your event/opening/function  and have guaranteed publication pleaseMiSociety as we are able to tailor for any budget, event or function.

Would you like your ‘big night’ included in our VIP events section?   Need a photographer?   You may phone us on 0412 057 662 – we are always happy to hear from you.

MiSociety Events and Introductions MiSociety or phone 0412057662

MiSociety has a large reader base primarily made up of middle to upper management, professional entities, cultural organisations,  public relations and event organising companies.  Further Information

MiSociety is a unique website offering many and varied categories and styles of promotion and advertising.  We are able to promote your event, exhibition, venue or  function, write advertorials, or simply place banner advertisements.

We author text specifically for the web to incorporate organic search words for  optimal search engine rankings.

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