Live Poets @ Don Bank

September 6th, 2013




Live Poets @ Don Bank will be seek to recreate the 1900s Montmartre cafe/cabaret ‘ the Lapin Agil’.

  • Wednesday 25  September 2013
  • Doors open 7.30 pm. $7 entry includes hot supper and drinks.

The ‘Lapin’ was seen as a virtual laboratory of the avant garde and a favourite meeting place of visual artists, singers and writers.  It was also a template for our modern poetry and song/ spoken word events.

The range of artists who frequented the place is wide – people like Picasso, Utrillo, Gris, Modigliani, Pascin, Toulouse Lautrec and Marie Laurencin. Such writers as Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Jean Cocteau, Blaise Cendrars also made it their haunt along with singers like  Aristide Bruant and other artists associated with the Folies Bergere, the Moulin Galette etc.

Eight people sharing various roles, situations and monologues, poems and songs, will be presenting a short play either side of  the supper break with music and poetry from the time in English and French.  This cast will form Andre Breton’s ‘Surrealist  Consortium’, banging pots, ringing bells and shouting manifestoes as our show reaches its climax.

But wait – there is more!
Your mine host  – the old Breton, Frede, has a tale to tell. How the greatest hoax on Cubism was hatched at the Lapin!
Come along and join the fun ca va?
We will have a French accordion player and a couple doing songs with the lady wearing a can-can dress.

We will have French food ‘of the time’ for supper.
Poster boards will provide lots of pictures and paintings and parathenalia of the period.
There will be baguettes given out at the door!
There will also be a prize for the best French song during our regular Open Section on the night!

Further info/bookings: Danny Gardner (Convenor) (02) 9896 6956 Mobile 0422 263 373 or at
Live Poets @ Don Bank
6 Napier St North Sydney

Live Poets

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