Live Poets @ Don Bank

July 10th, 2013



* SYDNEY Poetry

Live Poets @ Don Bank SPECIAL GUESTS: KEITH HANSEN and ARIEL RIVEROS PAVEZ + Open Section.  Come and commune in the cosy atmo of our historic cottage.

  • Wednesday 24¬†July 2013
  • Doors open 7.30 pm. $7 entry includes supper and drinks.

Live Poets @ Don Bank 6 Napier St North Sydney.

Winter Warmer Month with our July evening entitled: URBAN MYTHS: Virtual and actual.

Poet/artist/singer KEITH HANSEN is a contemporary of Brett Whiteley and author of ‘Hollow Moon and Terrace Houses’ an astonishing mix of times and ideas crosshatching on Sydney’s physical landmarks. He will demonstrate how poem and painting tell his story about a place. Poet, blogger and artists’ facilitator ARIEL RIVEROS PAVEZ will delight us with Elizabetha inspired hip hop and madrigals and report on how the blog is the new currency of city experience. After their performances these guys will discuss how the city environment has always been the engine of communication and expression. They will compare how artists interacted with other artists and their muses in the city in the past compared with the viral activity of the web in 2013. These testimonies from culture’s hotbed are sure to have temperatures firing.

As usual there will be an Open Section where anyone is welcome to recite, sing, tell a story or play an instrument. Please come along and join in the discussion – experience and respond to the art, song and word.

Further info/bookings: Danny Gardner (Convenor) (02) 9896 6956 Mobile 0422 263 373 or at

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