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Live Poets @ Don Bank’s event for March 2013 – Steve Smart, Jenny Compton

March 27, 2013



* SYDNEY Poetry

Live Poets @ Don Bank’s – Steve Smart performing his double CD ‘Voices in My Head’ and  Jenny Compton presenting work from ‘Barefoot’ and ‘This City’ – on tour from Melbourne

  • Wednesday 27  March 2013
  • Doors open 7.30 pm.
  • $7 entry includes supper and drinks.

Live Poets @ Don Bank 6 Napier St North Sydney

Following the sell-out crowd with its season-opener in February Live Poets @ Don Bank have another absorbing evening for lovers of the spoken word in March.

As always there is an Open Section where anyone is welcome to recite, sing, tell a story or play an instrument.
Doors open 7.30 pm. $7 entry includes supper and drinks.
Further info/bookings: Convenor Danny Gardner (02) 9896 6956 Mobile 0422 263 373 or at dannylivepoets@yahoo.com.au
‘STEVE SMART is a piece of graffitti written on a wall somewhere in Collingwood that is best experienced in total darkness’!!   Steve  was Director and co-founder of Melbourne’s Overload Poetry Festival from 2002 to 2007. He has released 4 independent CDs, numerous zines and chapbooks and has a major collection due for release . . . oh sometime! Steve  has occasionally delved into acting and dodgy video making, script writing, Tupperware parties and other collaborative activities with musicians and other artists. He’s also currently working (has been for years) on a sit-com
pilot and a rom-com screenplay – maybe they are the same project as the collected works in the end!
Steve last visited Don Bank on a road tour with another partner – Randall Stephens – in 2010. To obtain veracity they ditched the troubadours’
traditional frilled shirts and jodpurs and wore old coats and jeans – but it WAS July in Sydney!
JENNY COMPTON has had work published all over the world and read at many festivals including the Sydney Writers’ Festival, the Sydney Poetry Festival, the  Shoalhaven Poetry Festival, the Genoa Poetry Festival, Sarajevo Poetry Days, Overload Festival in Melbourne and the QLD and WA Poetry Fests.
Jenny will often turn up apparently incognito and deliver anything from Shakespeare to homespun philosophy with cooking etiquette tips.
It’s not sure at time of press how many poems this duo will actually ‘do’ together but it promises to be ‘real film’ from start to finish.


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