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LL Wine & Dine launch party, Kings Cross, Sydney

7 February 2010   Story and Images:  MiSociety

LL Wine & Dine drums up a lion of a party in Kings Cross
LL Wine & Dine launch party was no tame little affair.  Co-inciding with Chinese New Year the boys pulled out all stops and in rolled the Australian Yau Kung Mun Dragon and Lion Dancing Association to create a huge stir in Llankelly Place, Kings Cross.  The lettuce munching Chinese ‘lions’ pranced and danced and even climbed a pole while the drummers drummed and fireworks exploded.  What fun!

 LL Wine & Dine is at first somewhat deceiving as what you initially see from the pedestrian only street is just a hint of what lies beyond.  Venturing in we passed the front bar to weave our way around the vintage ‘porno’ wall (creatively collaged from the bins of photos left by a previous owner years earlier) and on into the inner sanctum.  What a surprise!  Inside are two intimate levels of either dining or lounging areas in the style of Hong Kong wine lounge meets Melbourne’s eclectic bar scene. It all rather looks like somewhere from a past era but it works really well.

LL Wine & Dine brotherly owners Matthew, Chris and Tim Barge set out to create a quirky space outside the norm whilst also serving great food by Chef  Jingyi Kung (ex Melange and Matsuri).

For something a little different LL Wine & Dine is certainly worth a visit  www.llwineanddine.com.au
More photos to come

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