Lord Monckton Public Debate; Does Anthropogenic Global Warming Endanger Mankind?

February 10th, 2010


Lord Monckton Tour of Australia Sydney Revisited.  Tim Lambert has accepted the challenge of Lord Christopher Monckton to Australian scientists to publicly debate the issue of man made global warming.

  •  12th February 2010 Time:    12.30pm
  • HILTON HOTEL Sydney Grand Ballroom
  • Cost:     $30.00 RSVP / Reg details below

Registration: RSVP to cool@exemail.com.au, FAX: (02) 4861 2029 or
PH: 0419 703 465. Entry is by pre-registration.
Media contact: Bob Lawrence: Jackson Wells:  02-9904-4333 0428 280 222

Academic Accepts Lord Monckton’s Challenge

On his arrival in Australia, Lord Monckton threw down the gauntlet to all supporters of anthropogenic global warming to debate him in a public forum.
The debate entitled, Does Anthropogenic Global Warming Endanger Mankind? will be held at The HILTON HOTEL in Sydney this Friday at 12.30pm.
After a fortnight, University of New South Wales Lecturer and science blogger, Tim Lambert was the only supporter to accept Lord Monckton’s offer.
More than 5000 Australians have attended Lord Monckton’s sell out lectures questioning man’s influence in global warming and the social and economic implications of introducing another tax on Australians via an Emissions Trading Scheme.
Lord Monckton said the latest scientific research showed there was not a problem with human influence over the climate and therefore the climate change scare was over.
“People should not blindly believe me or former US Vice President Al Gore on global warming. Undertake your own research and make a decision based on the facts,” Lord Monkton said.
“Al Gore, who has refused to debate me on climate change, claimed sea levels would rise by six metres imminently due to ice melting in the polar regions, when science shows the maximum would be only six centimetres if, in fact, all this ice ever melted.”
“If Gore really believed that, why did he buy into a block of home units which is built at water level in San Francisco while making the movie?”
“The world is forever warming and cooling and has gone in and out of several ice ages – all before the industrial revolution began in the late 18th century.”

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