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Marble Bar Sydney History



Marble Bar Sydney 120 Years Birthday Party and Month of Celebrations
Sydney October 2013

Marble Bar Sydney  history and its rediscovered doors
The original bar was named after its namesake builder, George Adams, and was built in 1893 costing a sum of £32,000 pounds. This amount was secured through the successful “Tattersalls Sweep,” one of a series of horse racing sweepstakes held in New South Wales throughout the late 1800s.

Marble Bar, in 1968, received an “A” rating from the “National trust of Australia,” and in 1973 the entire structure was moved from Tattersalls and carefully dismantled, refurbished and rebuilt inside Hilton SydneyMarble Bar’s furnishings are often referenced as nothing short of breathtaking, heralding the ornate traditions of 15th century Italian renaissance.  The bar is adorned with striking Corinthian columns with solid bronze capitals, 100 tonnes of the world’s best quality marble from Belgian and African quarries, cedar joinery and stained pictorial glass frames combined to create an opulent ambience unheard of in the colonies of that time.

The bar was further adorned with 14 Edwardian paintings by Australian artist Julian Ashton – valued at an estimated $1.6 million and features the four original fireplaces, which were restored piece-by-piece when the bar was moved from Tattersalls.

After years of colourful history and following the bar’s move to Hilton Sydney, the doors were no longer required, and subsequently left Sydney with George Adams when he relocated to Queensland to operate the lotteries. The doors travelled with Adams to Tasmania and Victoria where they have been located in Tattersalls Melbourne head office for the last 16 years.

Today, Marble Bar recovered the original swing doors from the Adams Private Bar in Tattersall’s Hotel, which were donated back to Marble Bar by Tattersalls Group Limited. These doors are the main features of the history wall, also adorned with books, vintage games, news clippings and photographs from the past 120 years. The commemorating wall can be viewed in the foyer of Marble Bar.