MCA Sydney – Christian Marclay: The Clock

April 4th, 2012



Christian Marclay: The Clock.  Premiere presentation of The Clock (around the clock)  in Australia is an extraordinary opportunity to see and experience a major international artistic phenomenon.

  • 29 March-3 June 2012
  • Normal Museum hours except Thursdays – 24 hours from 10am
  • MCA Level 1

Christian Marclay’s groundbreaking 24-hour video work, The Clock, has attracted record crowds wherever it has been shown. Marclay was awarded the Golden Lion for best artist at last year’s 54th Venice Biennale for The Clock.  

The Clock comprises several thousand short extracts from cinema history, each suggesting a particular time of day or referencing a specific moment, often through the appearance of a watch or clock-face. Marclay has stitched these extracts together to form a continuous visual sequence synchronised with the real time of your visit – if it is noon you’ll be watching a scene referencing noon. Even more impressively, the scenes suggest countless interlocking narratives despite the constant changes in genres, eras, locations and plotlines.

The Clock around the clock!
The Clock will be played continuously during regular museum opening hours but also every Thursday there will be another special 24-hour presentation of this work. To keep you awake, coffee and refreshments wil be available from the MCA Cafe throughout the night.

Christian Marclay was born in California in 1955 and raised in Switzerland and now lives between London and New York. He has employed the concept of collage since the 1970s across diverse media including film and video, photography, installation, sound and music…. MiSociety top pic…don’t miss

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