Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011

August 23rd, 2011


  • 21 September – 9 October 2011

Events at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival – click on the category heading to get further information and to book tickets.

An Awful Lot of Vaudeville
Anything Goes Cabaret
Barry Morgan’s World of Organs
Cat Commander is: Falling
Charlie Carbone’s Cotton Club
Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
Kiss of Death
Lady HAHA Goes to Rehab
Mercedes Benz… Awkwardly
Mind Games
Pirate Rhapsody, Mermaid Requiem
Silver Sircus
Songs of Love and Love
States of Desire
The Better Than You Revue
The Curse of the Kahuna Daddies
The Things I Learned in High School
The Unexpected Variety Show
The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper
TiaJuana and her Depths of Despair
Warning: Contains Nuts!
What I Did For Love

Chloé Charody’s ‘The Carnival’
A Circus Opera
Dished Up!
Eager to Please
I Heart Jack
Isaac’s Apple
Knock Off
No Such Thing As Normal
Red Bennies Presents: Exposé
Rock und Roll Circus
The Contortion and Hand-balancing Spectacular!
This Old City
Women’s Circus presents Red Hot Flush

10 Things I Know About You
27 years 126 days
3 For 1
4’s KIN
A.D.D. @ The Dog – Ethel Chop and Chums
A.D.D. @ The Dog – Unpack This!
Al’s Music Rant
Anne Edmonds in ‘My Banjo’s Name is Steven’
Anyone for Tennis – Prepare To Be Tuned
Archibald Wheeler Whets the Whistle
Around the Multiverse in 80 Ways
Bart Freebairn in Underground Awesome Quest
Binge Thinking
Bobby Macumber, This Is Your Life…
BULLET: A Superhero Comedy
Cam Knight in ‘Right Here, Right Now’
Candy B – Australian Booty
Chalk and Talk
Charles Barrington in My Pickled, Pickled Days
Close To You
Dead Funny
Don’t Take It As Gospel
Dr Toby Halligan is not a Doctor
Felicity Ward’s (week long, ill-timed) Christmas Special!
Fiona O’Loughlin in Don’t Get Me Started
Gentleman of Leisure
Girls Night at The Tux
Greg Fleet in ‘Bring It’
Hayley Brennan
Heath Franklin vs. Chopper
High Phildelity
How Many Politicians Does It Take To Change A …
I am Super, Man
Impro Comedy Jam
Independent Women Part 2
It’s Good to Shut Up Sometimes
Jason Chong in ‘Reel Life’
Jodie J’s Ladies’ Charity Luncheon @ The Elphinstone Hotel
Joel Creasey’s Late Show
Kate McLennan is Homeward Bound
Lawrence Mooney in An Indecisive Bag of Donuts
Leaving Leongatha
Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
Lou Sanz – Not Suitable for Children
Marek Platek – Adventures in the Blue Lycra Suit
Mark Butler
Matt and Ted Make Stuff Up (again)
Max Attwood and Paul Culliver in No Particular Order
Me Pregnant!
Mia Stanford: Unclassifiable
Nausea’s Reprieve
Nick Cody in ‘Back To School’
One Night In Heaven
One Thing After Another
Party for a Living
Peter and Paisley Present
Political Asylum
Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope
Radio Gaga
Rebels and Radicals
Richard Di Gregorio: On Time
Rural Roots
Ryan Coffey
Ryan Walker – Man Up!
Sarah Jones
Sexual Deviancy And The History Of Country Music
Shane Dundas: Believe
Simon Palomares in ‘Assimilate This!’
Thank You, Comedy Gods
The Emperor’s New Bathrobe
The Extraordinary General Meeting
The Keytar Kid
The Last Tuesday Society
The Nontrepeneur
The Polyphonic Comic Frolic
Tim Read’s Pursuit to Stupidity
Welcome to Thonnet
Who, Me.
World Mix Tape
Xenethor: Truth and Ultraviolence

Melenie Crowe Dance presents: Duality
proximate edifice
Shut up and Dance…. 3!
Temporary Eternity and 9 Scars

Fringe Kids    
Cosmo the Clown Comedy Magic Show
Finius Flume & the Fabulous Fandangle Factory
Native Wonderland
Professor Willoughby’s Last Robot
Squaring the Wheel
The Magical Oak Tree

Live Art  
A Window in Mime
Mystic Bubblegum
Self Contained Spaces
The Forbidden Fruit
3RRR and Music Victoria present: Jewels & Bullets
Ausgrind 2011
Diana May Clark and The Sunny Set
Electronic Abstraction
Enzyme Tower II
Gemma Turvey & The New Palm Court Orchestra
In Fact, This Crease on Your Trouser is Good, Friend
Metropolis: Audio Redux
Moving Scores
Musical Thoughts For a Darkened Room
Nervous Doll Dancing
No Place Like Home
Oz Soul Collective
So You Think You Can Cramps!
Suade: Vocal Shenanigans
Syzygy Ensemble
Uncomfort vs Ill Form
Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

2 Gentlemen
A Donkey and a Parrot
A Personal War
A Second of Pleasure
A Stitch in Time
A.D.D. @ The Dog – Home Stretch
A.D.D. @ The Dog – Rentokil
A.R.A.B On Edge
After All This
Andrew Morrish + Wells and Son Double Bill
Apathy International
Appalling Behaviour
Artists for Artist Proof
At the Sans Hotel
Black Box 149
Bluey by Phil Spencer
Bomb the Base
Children of War
Clown Lights Stage
Cracked: Unsocial Networking and Gallus Domesticus
cumulus nimbus
Cut Snake
Death in a Box
Death to Carnivale!
Endangered Species
Eugene Ionesco’s ‘The Bald Soprano’
Faraday’s Candle
Fourplay by Sergi Belbel
Frankenstein In Love
Hackney Horse
Helmsman Pete: Postcards from the Edge of the World
I Know There’s A Lot Of Noise Outside
Insomnia Cat Came To Stay
Jane Austen is Dead… See you at the Wake
Just Like The Movies
Kindred Spirit
Less than <3 Three, Because I Heart U
Life Is Something
Markus de Port
Max and Moritz
Measure for Measure
Mentalist Robert Haley Presents: Mind Reader
Miles O’Neil’s World Around Us II
My Incredible Shrinking Life
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
Phar Lap’s Last Lap
Polly’s Waffle
Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show
Room 328
Scenes from An Everyday Affair + Soliloquies for My Lost Sisters
So Blue, So Calm
Spring Awakening
Suspended Shorts
Sweet Child of Mine
Take Heart Trudy
That’s Me In The Distance
The Accident
The American Astronaut
The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody
The Dance of the Ouroboros
The Dollhouse
The Full Load
The Game
The History Operation
The Long Divide
The Object Of My Affection
The Penny-Toy Man
The Pig Show
The Signoras ‘In Season’
the transit lounge
The Uncommon Alphabet
The Waiting Place
Things That Give a Hot Feeling
Ulrike Meinhof Sings
Uta Uber Kool Ja
Wizardry Sorcery Fantasy

Speical Events       
3RRR Presents: Lime Champions Live
Art Aficionados
Carnaval Latino
Crowd Play
Electric Shorts
Everybody’s Talkin’
Fractured Flicks
Fringe Awards & Closing Party
Fringe Furniture 2011
Going Down Swinging
GUITARELAY – Closing Night 2011 Melbourne Fringe!
In the Cut
Innocent Bystander presents: In Search of Atlantis
Little Hood in the Urban Wood
Opening Night Party
Red Bennies Royal Rumble
Roarhouse Melbourne Presents: The Unity Project
Shimmy Shake and Frankie Wants Out
Street Stories
Take Care {out} There ’11
The FLUFFY Freakshow
The Jitterbug Club: Exotica Lounge
The South Side Show
The Warren
TV Dinner
Variety Fringe Trim
Walk The Talk
Women of Letters

Art Series Hotel Group presents: The Future of the Arts
Arts Volunteering
Atlas, String and Melbourne Fringe
Design Onsite
From Audience to Artist
JUMP Info Session
JUMPing Ahead
Let me in! Let me in!
The Future of Fringe Furniture
The Melbourne Fringe History Project
You’re Over-thinking It
Your Show is 15 Minutes Too Long

Visual Arts      
Artland at RMIT
Bag of Trains
Climate Cycles
Consilience – We All Jump Together
Dining With Cordyceps
Good Mourning
I Heart Tintin
Jacques Tati and a sustainable nature
Lost in Transit
Mrs. Vincent Price – The Photographic Exhibition
Poles Apart
Radio Mix
Rendered Bones
Ten Years of ‘YOU’ Zine
The Contemporary Sculptors Association Presents:
The Distance Collective
There’s No Place Like It
Two-Minute Affair(s)
Urban Mesh Manifestation
Visual Discourse
Your Imminent Arrival

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