MiSociety News 21 March 2011

March 21st, 2011

Is Mother Nature going through menopause or is she just having a really bad hair day of late?  In our world where women struggle for equality in many countries it’s the greatest lady of them all who still wields the biggest stick.

Speaking of dames, what do Maria Venuti and Ita Buttrose have in common? MiSociety went along to their book launches to find out. One talked of her ‘Whole Load of Front’ while the other was upfront in hammering home that ‘Etiquette’ is as important as ever in today’s Australia.  Photos and stories on MiSociety.
Our ‘Intuition’ tells us it must be book launch month as our (gorgeous) Stephanie Ryan-Smith in Melbourne also attended the launch of Paul Fenton-Smith’s new novel. Stephanie’s story and photos will be published later today.
March also heralds many foodie and winey events in Sydney and Melbourne along with the, now national, French Film Festival and the Sydney Art Month. Throw into the mix the opening of a whole swag of new shows in Sydney and Melbourne including Suite Synergy (see giveaway), Momentum (giveaway coming) and your very last chance to see Riverdance in Australia.
Remember you can buy tickets to all the shows in Australia through MiSociety and Showbiz.

WIN Tickets for Suite Synergy

Graeme Murphy's Suite Synergy
Graeme Murphy’s Suite Synergy is presented by the Mod Dance Company and anyone at all familiar with Dance will know the name Graeme Murphy.   Here’s your chance to be amongst the first to experience this new concept in Australian Contemporary Dance. 

Enter the MiSociety competition to win tickets for Suite Synergy at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre.

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