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MiSociety Newsletter 4 May 2010

Welcome to our ever increasing new members – great to electronically meet you all.

We know it’s been a while since our last newsletter but as you know we don’t like to bombard people with constant emails.  We know from our statistics and our ‘add to favourites’ that you all know to keep an eye on MiSociety for all the best of ‘what’s on’ plus all the latest stories and photos from VIP events.

We have double passes to give away for the Australia Ensemble.  Now if you are not a classical music buff here’s your chance to ‘open the box’ for free and find out why it has stood the test of time.  If you are a classical buff you will want a couple of these tickets as you would know of the outstanding reputation of the Australia Ensemble.  For details on the concert and how to win the tickets click here.

So what’s on and happening?  Too much to add in here!  Check the MiSociety daily calendar or go to ‘Upcoming events’ or your particular interest in the drop down menu under the calendar on the right.

Just a few snippets of coming events

The Head On Photographic Festival is on all over Sydney at many galleries.  The opening night at the ACP was huge – must have been a thousand people there.

The Sydney Writers’ Festival kicks off 15 May and for variation the Lovedale Long Lunch is the weekend of 15-16 May (this weekend is an absolute hoot).  The Spanish Film Festival screens this week and Sydney is lighting up from 27 May with Vivid Sydney after the Brandenburg’s Palazzo Baroque 7-15 May.

June will herald the Alpine Winter Festival again – so get your ice skates on.  This year it is way bigger and even better with the original site at St Mary’s plus another site at Bondi Beach – plus it’s also going to be in Melbourne.

Don’t forget each week there are many art exhibition openings (usually anyone can just go along to these but occasionally a gallery will like an RSVP for numbers).  Art exhibition openings are a terrific way to meet people over a glass of wine and to learn a little about the abundance of art in Sydney.

Have you been snapped by MiSociety? Contact us
Take a peek at the who, what, where of MiSociety’s VIP events coverage.  Horses have been playing a big part of late with Randwick’s Autumn Carnival, the Polo and the Copabella Cup along with openings of shows, exhibitions and boutiques.  We also got to meet Stephen Wiltshire this week.

That’s it for now, but remember, Enjoy Life – It’s The Only One You Have!




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