MiSociety Newsletter 7 June 2010

June 7th, 2010

Hi MiSocietyers

A big warm hug to all our new members and hello again to our established ones.  We’re all certainly over suffering the Mary Poppins syndrome right now (can’t leave home without the brolly).  Never mind, it’s not raining inside and that’s where most of our events are right now.  Except, of course, VIVID Sydney which may require a rug up.  It’s worth making the effort for at the very least to take a walk or drive down Macquarie Street, Sydney where our historic buildings are decked in lighted art.  Also swing around to St Mary’s Cathedral in College Street for an illuminated extravaganza.  The Opera House is looking stunning in its ever changing Haute Couture VIVID costume as well.

Speaking of St Mary’s its again the backdrop for the Sydney Winter Festival’s ice skating rink that is also going to be at Bondi and Melbourne this year.  Stay tuned as MiSociety will have tickets to win for this.

Creative Sydney is bursting all over the harbour city with lots to do and see.  Included in this festival is music, design, architecture, events, photography, publishing, film, broadcasting, visual arts, advertising and interactive culture – WOW, there’s something for everyone.

This newsletter’s ticket giveaway – free double passes to two terrific plays
First up, the play ‘Every Single Saturday’, a new musical comedy that is scoring goals with theatre and sports fans everywhere and playing at the Casula Powerhouse.  Details on the show and how to win tickets.

Secondly, we have free tickets for the play ‘Of Mice and Men’ adapted from John Steinbeck’s classic novel and directed by Judith Bedard on at the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood.  Details on the play and how to win tickets.

All the winners of the tickets for the Katya Grineva are absolutely thrilled as she is one of the world’s foremost concert pianists.  If you missed out you can still book tickets to go and also while still in the classical vein don’t forget the Edward Neeman + Stephanie fundraising concerts.

Do remember that you can book your tickets to all the big shows in Australia through MiSociety and Showbiz.  Coming to MiSociety soon will be the opportunity to also book tickets through Lastix for some really terrific deals.

There’s always lots of art gallery exhibition openings and you can all go along to these for a glass of wine, great art and interesting people to meet.

MiSociety always has way too many events on offer to ever begin to cover in a newsletter so just click on our calendar to find out what’s on from day to day or check the drop down list in the right hand panel for your specific interests and /or upcoming events.

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