Mr Miyagi Japanese Restaurant Launch Party Melbourne

October 17th, 2013



Melbourne 15 October 2013
Mr Miyagi Japanese Restaurant Launch Party Melbourne
Story;  Renee Stah     Photography; APL Photography

Mr Miyagi says ‘don’t ig-nori this invite’.

Mr Miyagi is a name I have always loved. Of course it all started with the movie Karate Kid, but then it became the nickname for my remedial masseuse. The nickname was quite fitting since he is in his late 60s, a Thai Chi instructor, relieves my aches and pains, and is a wise man who is great to talk to.

Japanese restaurant with amazing food and cocktails is what Mr Miyagi means to me now. On Tuesday 15th October, in Melbourne’s famous Chapel Street, the gorgeously presented and cleverly branded Mr Miyagi Japanese restaurant was launched. The exclusive event satisfied my appetite for Japanese food and had me sipping on fruity cocktails and talking to many interesting people.

Eades and Bergman created the neon love heart, funky lighting and overall interior design and fitout of the restaurant which on the night, was visited by some of Melbourne’s most well-known foodies and restaurateurs including Marvin Holder from Vue de Monde and Matteo Bruno from Meatball and Wine Bar.

Zilla and Brook, well known for their successful food and lifestyle events, organised the invite-only VIP launch which offered a piquant selection of Japanese inspired food including Sushi, MFC (Miyagi Fried Chicken), mushroom skewers and David Chang’s Ramen Gnocchi Wagyu Bolognese.

Japanese beer and delicious cocktails like ‘Astro Boy’ (strawberry, fresh ginger, white chocolate & Sake) and my favourite for the evening ‘Hello Kitty Sour’ (Shochu, nashi pear, sweet lychee & egg white) were perfect for the warm weather we had in Melbourne on the night.

Mr Miyagi’s restaurant staff were friendly and discerning, ensuring guests had enough to eat, drink and that they had a great time. As the night came to an end, they handed each guest a sealed envelope. Its contents were a copy of the menu, five things to know about Sake and a card that read: “Mr. M says if you can read this you need another drink.” I giggled thinking, what a successful launch. Mr Miyagi not only had me smiling on my way home, I will always remember the name, and the food and cocktails were delicious.

I will definitely head back to Mr Miyagi when I feel like Japanese. After all, “Mrs. M says, you want to look good in your dress? You order the sashimi!”
Writer: Renee Stah

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