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MUSIC – Orazio Vecchi ‘L’Amfiparnasso’

August 8, 2010toAugust 12, 2010


L’Amfiparnasso – Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong – The Song Company Plus more

  • 8-12 August

Orazio Vecchi ‘L’Amfiparnasso’
“Comedy for the ear and the eye” is what its author, the priest and jack-ofall-trades composer Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605) called this sparkling set of scenic madrigals. Published in Venice in 1597, L’Amfiparnasso (ie, the place where the muses waste most of their time) uses familiar Commedia dell’arte characters as a pretext for superb musical entertainment.
Expect a rollercoaster of love triangles, along with the usual trickery and treachery, set amongst a series of seriously flawed but suitably recognizable characters.

The Song Company with Drew Forsythe, actor/comedian, Tommie Andersson, theorbo/lute/guitar, Laura Vaughan, lirone/gamba, Roland Peelman, harpsichord

University House
8 August, 5:00pm

Newcastle Conservatorium
12 August, 7:30pm

City Recital Hall, Angel Place
11 August, 7:30pm

Wollongong City Gallery
9 August, 7:30pm


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