No Cold Feet – Dance Performance

September 12th, 2011


De Quincey Co, dance-performance company, presents No Cold Feet

  • 4  – 16 October 2011, 7:00pm
  • St Mary’s Cathedral Square, Cook & Phillip Park, Sydney
  • Free

Art & About Sydney Festival 2011 event.   Dance-performance company, De Quincey Co presents NO COLD FEET a free, open-air performance suitable for audiences of all ages, at Cook and Phillip Park on the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney. Each night at dusk, take a mesmerising journey through some of Sydney’s most beautiful architectural sites as you follow highly acclaimed choreographer Tess de Quincey’s ensemble of dancers. Accompanied by an eclectic musical score, this magical performance also celebrates the transformation of day into night.

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